Power of Stag

Power of Stag

Green Pasture Power of Stag Premium contains natural ingredients that support general well-being and maintain good health.

Green Pasture Power of Stag contains deer velvet and blood has sourced from deer farms in the south island of New Zealand which strictly managed and controlled by Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ). The product also contains a varied range of ingredients which promote vitality such as grape seed oil, lecithin and vitamin E. 

Deer Velvet

Since the ancient ages, there is a story that North American used deer velvet as a medicine. Majority of people may think slaughter is needed to obtain the velvet. However, deers cultivate a new set of stags every year. Therefore, the processes are sustainable. Deer velvet offers high doses of minerals, collagen and other nutrients. It also supports general health including immune support, energy boost, athletic performance and sexual function.

Deer Blood

A small amount of blood comes out when farmers cut deer velvet. This deer blood is used as a nutritional supplement in East Asia as it contains a high amount of iron, protein as well as amino acids. Deer blood supports blood production in our body and circulation.

Deer Industry NZ

Deer farmers in New Zealand must be registered by Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ). The role of DINZ involves the welfare of deer and protection such as transporting, feeding, collecting, environment and even with reproduction.

Product Information

Ingredients(Each SoftGel capsule contains):

Deer Blood powder 200mg
Deer Velvet powder(4:1) 20mg
    Equiv.to fresh Deer Velvet 80mg
Grape Seed Oil 275mg
Evening Primrose Oil(GLA 10%) 25mg
Lecithin liquid 10mg
Vitamin E(1300IU/g)
Encapsulating aids


Take 1-3 capsules daily with meals or as advised by your healthcare professional


Store below 30°C in a cool dry place
Keep out of the reach of children
Do not use if protective seal is broken
this product is not suitable for vegetarians or people with allergies to animal products

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