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Our Belief

Our beliefs have come from the old saying “Too much is as bad as too little”. We always consider the balance of people’s diet when we manufacture our products. Believing our products will fulfil the nutritional gap in a diet to support your health, we will continue to seek premium ingredients and solutions that will bring the most ideal outcomes to support your healthy lifestyle.


New Zealand is a clean and well-managed environment which love by people from all over the world. New Zealand also has the reputation of the strictest and the most comprehensive regulatory controls in the world to keep premium quality. Green Pasture complies with the New Zealand government’s strict regulation.

Premium Quality

We comply with the strictest and the most comprehensive New Zealand regulation. Green Pasture products have GMP certified or HACCP certified. Our Quality Management Systems guarantees a traceable process and reliable quality.

Customer Friendly

We are conservative for formula. But we are innovative to step forward. We like to hear comments from our customer to improve our products. Our products consider people’s nutritional gap in the diet.

About Green Pasture

Green Pasture was founded in 2005 and is a fully owned and operated in New Zealand, specialising in nutritional supplements.
Green Pasture is to provide fine quality products at a reasonable price that support your health. We make sure all our products are manufactured under international GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) systems to ensure that they deliver a reliable and sustainable product.


Our Promises

Our products are to fulfil the nutritional gap in a diet to support your health. We deliver a fine quality product by complying strict NZ government regulation and GMP Certification.

Meet our Brand New

Meet our latest products. You will love it!

Royal Jelly 1500

Green Pasture Royal Jelly 1500 is a high strength, ONE-A-DAY formula intended precisely to support energy levels as well as immune system function. Queen Bees and young bees are fed royal jelly exclusively, resulting in their incredible size and longevity. Royal Jelly 1500 use premium quality ingredients and naturally occurring fatty acid. Royal Jelly is a rich source of a variety of nutrients such as B vitamins, minerals and proteins. This may assist with energy levels, stamina, antioxidant and general well being.

Milk thistle 70,000

GREEN PASTURE MILK THISTLE 70000mg is a high strength, ONE-A-DAY formula intended precisely to support the liver as a modern, fast-paced lifestyle can harm your liver’s key functions. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and is responsible for the elimination of body waste.MILK THISTLE 70000mg use premium quality ingredients and naturally sourced formula.

Krill Oil 1,500mg

Green Pasture Krill Oil 1,500mg,  contains a high level of Phospholipids which supports the transport of Omega 3 into our cell giving better absorption than normal fish oil. Research shows Krill Oil that is effective in managing healthy cholesterol levels, brain function as well as support for joint comfort. Green Pasture use Aker Superba Krill that is a pure, natural source of the EPA&DHA Omega-3 essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin.

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